Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Nothing calls to me more every day than the beauty of the mountains. Literally any mountain will get me wanting to ascend to the very top and connect with the surroundings. It's the pull of adventure and exploration that really grinds my gears - when I start I simply never want to stop. The Lara Croft within me comes out to play and all I ache for is discovery and excitement and the thrill of such mountains. I want to cover so much ground, make my own paths and understand the land that I walk on. I want to connect with the mountains - listen to them as they feed me their stories and bask in their greatness. 

It's strange that throughout my life I have never truly felt like I had a home in the sense that I was always moving houses growing up and my life changed around me a lot - nothing ever welcomed me the way I longed to be welcomed - I needed a place where truly I could be myself and be happy. It wasn't until the first ever hike by myself that I knew what it was like to truly feel the meaning of happiness. 

For me, it's a warm feeling I get that can only ever be described by two words:

Love, and well - happiness, of course.

Those are the two waves of emotion that I feel when I'm exploring in the mountains, or when I sit at the peak and close my eyes, and when I listen to the wind blowing and the birds singing and perhaps even distant water running - I feel peaceful, delighted, welcomed, happy and in love.

But most importantly - I feel at home.

It is times like these when I am sat here writing this post after coming home from my shift at a bar that I see the captured moments from my hikes and long for my feet to ache from climbing mountains instead of serving pints and stacking glasses. I miss the adventure and hear it call to me so often that it gets to the point where I can no longer retain my sanity if I don't fulfill those needs. However, it isn't often that I have the time to spend a full day climbing another mountain, and so an exploration of woodlands keeps me at bay.

So to be presented with an opportunity for a week away with my family where sure enough we will be surrounded by hills and mountains galore - I couldn't pass it up. As it happens, I was still studying at university back then and the fresh surroundings couldn't have been more welcomed by myself. I found new energy there and it gave me the strength to carry on.

New light - New vision - New mountains to climb.

With every mountain I visit or place I explore, while there's a sense of uncertainty of unfamiliar ground, and the excitement of a new discovery - there's always a routed feeling that I belong there, wherever I am, whatever mountain I climb. It's the same feeling of home and happiness.

Perhaps soon there will be another exploration on the horizon for me, another place to add to my list and new grounds to call home. For now I will dream of that day and relive the greatness of the hikes since passed.

"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory."
- Sir Francis Drake.

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