Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Arbonne: CALM Gentle Daily Moisturiser | Product Review

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One of the greatest gifts in life is a really good moisturiser! If you have extremely sensitive skin like I do, you'll know how much your skin suffers in the colder months of the year! Well here in the UK it has been going on/off cold then colder! One minute there's sunshine and hope for spring - the next we're caved in with snow and turning our radiators up to full. My skin just doesn't know how to adapt and heal right now! For the past few months I feel like my skin has just been so inflamed, red, dry and itchy (especially around the temples). I decided to purchase one of Arbonne's products from their Calm range and see if this would help ease my discomfort!

Arbonne's Calm range is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin, which may require more of a gentle touch when it comes to skincare - there are currently four products in the Calm collection.

View Arbonne's Calm Collection here:,515.aspx  }

Honestly, this product is amazing! It's gentle enough to use every day and has worked miracles on my dry and itchy skin! I couldn't believe what it had done for my redness as well - after taking off my makeup in the evening and washing my face, my skin is usually so red and inflamed, and it generally stays quite red when I wake up in the morning. The redness is worse when it's colder and I can't help that! But after using this moisturiser in the evening I've found it really does calm down my inflamed skin and is the perfect product to use after a cleanse. Whenever I take my makeup off, I don't like to use too many products because honestly my face has been battling with makeup all day and I don't want to further aggravate it - I just want to cleanse it of any dirt and let it rest! This moisturiser is so wonderful because it doesn't clog any of my pores or break me out, it soaks in very quickly - which is amazing when you're going straight to bed - and it feels so lightweight, milky and soothing on your skin. It's also non-sticky! (I hate moisturisers that feel sticky on your skin because they don't soak in well enough! Who wants to stick to clothes and bedsheets? Haha!) 

As I mentioned this moisturiser is gentle enough to use daily, and I find myself using it both morning and night! I don't just use it on my face either - I use it on my hands when they are feeling a little dry, and even my lower back because that itches quite a lot when it's really cold and icy outside! It's just an all round wonderful moisturiser that eases my dry itchy and irritated skin! Of course this product is made even more wonderful by the fact that it is certified cruelty-free and vegan!

This retails at £30 SRP.
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