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B. Glowing Clay Face Mask | Product Review

Hello lovelies!
With the weather here in the UK getting hotter and hotter by the minute, my face is forever battling between makeup and oils, and I'm left at the end of each day feeling a little bit sweaty and a tad gross.

There's no greater feeling than taking your makeup off each day after being at work for so many hours - and coupled with the hot weather of summer, your face can be left feeling so heavy, sweaty and un-fresh. 

I've been craving a good face mask for some time now and to my surprise in my collection of skincare and makeup products I didn't have any sort of cleanser in sight! I know - an absolute shock because a good cleanser is a necessity! So I took myself off to one of my favourite and most easily accessible cruelty-free places that offer vegan friendly products: Superdrug.

They have wonderful ranges of own brand products all of which are cruelty-free and mostly vegan, but they have also launched a makeup and skincare line by the name of B. which is 100% vegan friendly and of course, cruelty-free certified.

It just so happens Superdrug had an offer on their B. products at buy-one-get-one-free, so I snatched up the best looking cleansing products I could find - and I wasn't disappointed!
Firstly I picked up their Creamy Foam Cleanser, and secondly their Glowing Clay Face Mask, which I shall be reviewing today!

Retail price: £6.99.

After application.

This is such a beautiful feeling mask and it's everything I hoped it would be for my skin! And if you're in questioning about which type of mask to buy I would definitely recommend a clay mask as they tend to be the best for cleansing your skin whilst exfoliating and removing dead or dry skin cells at the same time.

The direction for this mask is to apply to clean, dry skin - so after you've thoroughly taken your makeup off and cleansed your skin you can go ahead and apply directly to your face with either a brush or clean fingers. You're supposed to only leave this mask on for 10-15 minutes however if you've applied it thicker on your target areas (i.e. T-zone) I would suggest waiting until it's fully dried on your face before washing the mask off. At first, you can feel the product really getting to work on your skin and it almost has a burning-but-in-a-good-way-sensation whilst the product is drying. Once that stage of the mask is over you can really sit back and enjoy that tightening feeling while the rest of the product dries.

Wash mask off with a hot wet facecloth to increase exfoliation. The water will rinse off the mask, the facecloth will exfoliate your skin, and the warmth will make the process kinder and easier on your face.

The method I use for taking off my mask is what I find most comfortable and wouldn't necessarily suggest it for all skin types - especially if yours is susceptible to irritations from excess scrubbing. However you can always remove the mask with lukewarm water and simply wash it off!

Personally I don't like my face being splashed with water for so long as a clay mask can be quite tricky to rinse off - so I tend to run a clean facecloth under the hot tap and gently scrub away at the mask until it all comes off my face. It only takes me about three minutes to fully get the mask off and my skin is left looking so much more radiant and healthy!

After I've had the mask on for several minutes and gone through the process of rinsing it off, my face is left feeling healthier but also quite red! So I always apply a complimentary moisturising product immediately after the mask. My personal favourite is the Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Moisturiser, which helps to calm my sensitive skin and restore it back to a healthy state. It also helps to alleviate some of the tightness in your skin caused by the mask. 

Honestly this mask is one of my favourite things to use on my skin at the minute, and Superdrug are really upping their game with products recently! I use this product no more than three times per week as it can be quite harsh on sensitive skin if used too frequently, plus my skin is always left feeling fabulous for a good few days after I've used this product so you don't need to use it all the time! 

B. Glowing Clay Face Mask retails in-store and online for £6.99 at Superdrug - but without a doubt you can always stumble across offers at Superdrug such as 1/3rd off, 1/2 price or even Buy One Get One Free!

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